I am knitting my first gloves. I am using one circular needle, using the magic loop, instead of two circular needles. I have 58 sts (29/29). The pattern says K to the last 7 sts, place next 15 sts on waste yarn. I am confused.

The pattern can be found at

Knit to the last 7 stitches, then put the next 15 stitches onto a spare piece of wool (something smooth like cotton is good). Your’e leaving off the thumb stitches, probably, to keep them separate from the hand.

Thank you, I guess I had a mental block.

One other question. At the end of the thumb gusset instructions, “K17 sts, place next 10 sts on waste yarn, and CO 2 sts, rejoin round and k rem 17 sts”.

I understand that, but when I reline my needles before moving my sts on the cable (magic loop) and knitting my k6 rounds, my 2 CO are to tight to move up on needle. Also, do I knit those 2CO in my k6 rounds. I know I have to pick up those 2 CO later, when I do the pinky finger. To tight. I used the backloop CO. Or am I pulling to tight when I k rem 17 sts or do I use an other method to CO the 2 sts?

I figured out the problem myself. Use the knit cast on rather than the backloop cast on. And knit those 2CO and the rem 17 sts. It worked out.