Well whaddya know, I actually finished something! And from the stash, no less. I got 2 balls of this Art Yarns Ultramerino on sale. It’s nice springy stuff, and machine washable, too. I used the pattern here, knitting worsted weight on size 6 needles, and they fit!

Very nice! I love the colors. I want to make gloves but I haven’t gotten up the nerve yet :teehee:

Those are cute.

Those look great!!

Those are so pretty, Nikki!!

Oh how cute!!! I like the colors!!

Those are some pretty awesome gloves! I love them

Cool gloves! That’s neat the way the fingers ended up stripey.

I have wanted to make gloves but am a little afraid of fingers. Are they hard?

Great job! I love the stripies on the fingers!

Those are ADORABLE!! :heart:

Beautiful!!! :inlove:

I just love the colour!

Gloves look scary to knit to me…

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Wow! Love them! :teehee:
I’m always too lazy to separate for all the fingers, so I knit only mittens instead :rofl:

Beautiful! :cheering: I hope one day when I attempt gloves, they’ll fit as well and look as good as yours. Were they hard? I’ve heard you have to use a million needles. :pout:

Those rock!!! I love the stripes. Great job!!! :slight_smile:

WOW :cheering:
not sure I have the guts to tackle something like that!

really neat project and so stylish!! good job!