Gloves too narrow. Fixable?

I have been working on a pair of fingerless gloves (with a moss/cable combination on the back and stockinette on the palm) and have gotten to the point of sewing up the seam on the sides. Once that was done on the first glove, I tried it on and found that the glove was too narrow. Ripping out the seam was easy enough, but now I have a pair of elbow length gloves that are too tight.

How do I go about adding material to the edges of the panel so that they will fit? Do I break out the crochet hook and pray it looks alright? Or is there another way to make them wider?

If it helps, I am using a pattern found on the Caron website using Simply Soft yarn ([I]Fingerless Gloves with Simply Soft[/I] designed by Marilyn Losee). Sorry I can’t post a link yet.

Yes, you could add a strip along the edges. You could try washing and drying in the dryer first, see if the sts relax a little. The only other way to make them wider is to redo them with a few more sts or a larger needle.

Did you knit a swatch and get your gauge for this pattern first? That may be part of your problem. If you knit too tightly, it won’t fit.

Also, what type of cast on did you use? I knit a beautiful pair of mittens for a child, only to discover that she couldn’t get them on her hands. Even casting on loosely, a standard long tail cast on doesn’t work. I now use a German twisted cast on for hats, mittens, and gloves. This is a stretchy cast on. You can find it here at KH.