Gloves - Inside out?

So…I’m knitting my first pair of gloves. Looking nice, but they are coming off the needles wrong side out. I’m at the thumb gusset of the right (left?) glove. Is wrong side out okay, or am I headed for trouble? Thank you!

Is this your first time knitting in the round? You should be knitting on the outside of the tube. Your needles will be toward your body, the tube away. sometimes flipping it right side out works. I think with the increases and thumb it might be a problem. Try flipping it right side out and see how it looks. If it doesn’t look right to you you may have to start over.

Thank you. Actually I’ve knitted in the round a lot, like hats, scarves, etc. And I’ve always just knitted with the right side in, why?, I dunno, just did. So, as I’m doing these gloves I got to thinking, hmm, maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Well, I guess I’ll just keep going since I’m over half done and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

So, I pulled the inside out cuff through the “hole” and presto, I’m knitting right side out and increases on thumb gusset look fine. Guess I’m spatially challenged

I’m glad it’s working out OK. You might want to start knitting right side out, it could cause problems somewhere and as patterns are written for knitting in the round with the right side out, it would be easier to follow them I think. My 2 cents worth.

Thanks for the advice. Consider it taken. Its also easier, can’t imagine how I got started that way.

I read about or watched a video of someone who knits inside out and I am inclined to think that if I hadn’t paid attention and got in the habit of doing it the other way, I would too. Mostly, I guess, it’s just habit. Probably most of the time it wouldn’t matter anyhow. Whichever way you knit, inside out or outside out, enjoy. That’s what it’s all about.

can’t imagine how I got started that way.

It happens. When you first start the sts will flop around easier without the weight of length to keep them in place. Large pieces on circs will do it too.