Gloves Help!

I already did the CO and K1P1 to 3". I am confused about hand shaping and shaping thumb. I have to do St. st but this round 1-4 is not St. st.

Set up:
CO 44 (48,50,54) stitches. Arrange evenly on DPNs,
pm, and join. K1P1 rib for 2.75” (2.75”, 3”, 3”)

Change to St. St. and inc 1 st at end of round
45 (49,51,55) sts.
Hand and shaping thumb gusset:
Rd 1: K22 (24,25, 27), pm, m1L, K1, M1R, pm, K to end
Rd 2: Knit.
Rd 3: K22 (24, 25,27), slm, m1L, K3, M1R, slm, K to end
Rd 4: Knit

Stockinette in the round is knit every round and that’s what this calls for so it is stockinette.

Oh, thanks!

From what I’ve learned is that the stockinette stich is Purl and Knit

Is this your first time working in the round? It is confusing at first. Knitting flat stockinette is alternating rows of knits and purls. If you alternate [I]rounds [/I]of knits and purls you get garter stitch. It works this way because in-the-round you’re always working on the right side (or outside) of the tube. When you’re working on the gloves I think it will become more clear.

Ah It is quite interesting. Thank you so much!!

If you need any more help with the gloves, I can help. I have made several pairs using the Magic Loop method. It is very easy to do. .