Gloves for someone missing fingers

Just looking for any tips, my father is missing a few fingers and I want to knit him a pair of gloves that “fit like a glove” so to speak. But any time I try to Google something akin to the thread title I get results for fingerless glove patterns. So if anyone has knit any and can pass on any tips and tricks please do!

I think any glove pattern would work. Just don’t knit a few fingers or knit them to the length you need if the fingers are partial.

What Jan said. When you come to where the stitches are set aside for fingers, Kitchener them closed or three-needle bind-off instead of working them. If he’s missing some all the way to the knuckles and some partway, you can customize the fit according to what’s there.

I think you have a great idea here.

Thanks for the response! Gonna try and keep it a surprise do I’ll have my sister get him to do some crafts with the boys and get him to trace his hands!!

Haha, I like the hand-tracing craft idea - sneaky :wink: !