Gloves - Finished thumb, need help rejoining to continue palm

I’m making my first gloves (!). I have finished the thumb but can’t tell how to go back to the hand?

I understand all of the instructions below except what is meant by ‘Join’. The way I see it, I have stitches on the needle but my working yarn just got cut off at the top of the thumb.
I would assume I need to CO 1, but the counts work properly without adding any stitches.

Bind off all sts loosely.

With RS facing, [B]join [/B]yarn at edge of thumb, ready to work 20 sts left unworked on Dividing row; work in patt to end.
(WS) Purl across all sts, joining (I understand this join, lol) 2 sections together at base of thumb—43 sts.

Thanks for any help.

when worked your thumb…you used your “working yarn” they are now telling you to add a new working yarn.

post pics!!

Just take a yarn end and start knitting with it.

Thanks… I temporarily tied the new yarn around my right needle to get some tension and went at it… and it worked! That was easy. thanks