Glove resizing help needed

hi there,
i’m a relative newbie to knitting; this is only my fourth project… anyway, i’ve finished one fingerless glove (it took forever!) and am now sad to discover that it is slightly too large for the person i’ve made it for. the width is a bit too wide, the fingers are a bit too big …

basically, i’m wondering if there’s any way at all to slightly shrink or tighten the glove up without scrapping the whole thing. i used a 100% wool yarn, so i suppose i could felt it, but i fear that then it would shrink very small and never fit the intended recipient. would blocking help? i’ve never blocked anything before and am hoping it might be useful for slight shrinkage/resizing.

any help or advice much much appreciated.


You could felt it very slightly - just put it in a little hot water in a bowl and hand felt it - that way you have direct control over how much it felts (it would be more out of control in the washing machine.

To keep the pair matching you’ll want to knit the second one as you did the first and felt it in the same way.

Your other option, which is hard to do, is to to frog the first one and knit it in a different size or use a size or two smaller in needle tips.

Good luck!

thank you! i will try that. should i use liquid soap and then rinse out the glove before drying it? xxx

For felting you actually don’t have to use any soap at all, but you can, it really is a personal preference. I use wool wash but others have said that a very small amount of dish soap or laundry detergent or shampoo can be used.