Glove pattern question

Hi! I’ve started this pattern for a pair of gloves using straight needles. The pattern is from I am stuck on the part where it says "Right Glove/Cuff/Thumb Gusset. Specifically, I am stuck on the instructions between the two asterisks (*), under “Thumb Gusset”. What do the asterisks mean and what do the instructions between the asterisks mean? Can somebody shed some light on the pattern for me, please? Thank you, with everlasting gratitude, AP.

Welcome to KH!
The asterisks mark off a section or steps to be repeated. The instructions want you to alternate a purl row with an increase row and continue, purl row, increase row, purl row, increase row etc. until you reach the given number of sts.

Thank you so much for your help! I have another question regarding the same pattern instruction. What does it mean “M1 on both sides of marked stitch”.?. I’m particularly confused by the phrase “both sides”. One last thing, what does it mean “turn work”?. Thank you in advance for your help! Kindest, APKnitter

M1 is a make one increase which uses the bar between stitches. There are two versions depending on how you would like the stitch to lean.

Work the one increase before the marked stitch and the other after the marked stitch.
Turning your work means to turn to the other side as usual at the end of a row.

Oh! Thank you very much! It all makes so much sense now!