Glove pattern help

Hello I have a glove pattern :

I am having a problem as far as the increases in round 6 or the cable round . I don’t understand where I am to place the increases for the thumb following the 6th round . Can someone please help me I’m so confused .

Your thumb increases start where it says Hand- Round 1. Go back and read your pattern through very carefully. It will tell you to increase across the row and where to put the increases so they form a gusset for the thumb. The cable twist comes after the thumb gusset on row 6.

The thumb gusset is 6 knit sts from the ends of needle 2. I’ve underlined it for round 6, below.
Round 6–Cable twist–K 4, p 1, * slip next 2 sts to crochet hook, hold in back of work, k next 2 sts, k 2 sts from hook, p 1; repeat from * twice; k 6, inc. 1 st in next st, k 4, inc. 1 st in next st; k to end; 56 sts. Continue pat. repeating cable twist every 6th round, increasing 1 st each side of thumb gore every 3rd round 5 times more, having 2 sts more between incs. after each successive inc. round; 30 sts on 2nd needle; 66 sts in round. Work 1 round even.

After that the thumb sts are held on waste yarn.

Thanks for your help I finally got it. Thanks again. One other question. What’s the best increase method to use for the thumb ? Also which cast on is best while working the fingers? Thanks again.

That’s really a matter of personal preference. I like KLL and KRL (knit left loop and knit right loop) which are on the Free Videos tab, Increases, at the top of the page. Knit front and back will work too. You might try out some of the increases on scrap yarn and see which you prefer.
We’d love to see a photo of the finished gloves if you’d like to post one.

The best increase is the one you want to use. I’ve used kfb a lot for thumbs. The pair I’m working on now got a lifted increase. M1 is popular. Knitter’s choice. A YO inc will leave a hole. If you don’t want holes, use something else. If you want an eyelet pattern, use the yo inc.