Glove pattern help please

[COLOR=#191970]This is the first pair of gloves that I’ve attempted, and I’m going to need a little help. I’m doing the Malabrigo glove pattern from Iris G’s blog. I’m to the pinkie finger and need help with the fourchette. The pattern just isn’t clear enough for me, and I did a search and found several things that described what it is, and I get the idea that you don’t knit those fourchette stitches, you slip them. Here’s the pattern:
Pinkie Finger
Work to within 4 sts before the end of the second needle. Work the 4 sts and the first 4 sts on the third needle, and cast on 2 sts from the back of the glove to the palm (for fourchette). Divide these 10 sts among 3 needles, work in the round for 18 rounds, or 2.2 inches. K2tog 5 times; cut off the yarn and draw the 5 sts together with the yarn.
Start with a new piece of yarn, K2 from the fourchette, then work 1 round over all the sts to the ring finger.

I’ve knit the four stitches before the end of the second needle and the four from the third needle, and do the backwards loop cast on for the 2 stitches. When I divide these 10 stitches onto my three needles, that includes those fourchette stitches, right? Seems like they’re supposed to go somewhere else, not on the needles I’m working the finger on, but I’m so confused at this point I don’t know what I’m doing. Can someone please help me? Thanks![/COLOR]

Yes you include those 2 new stitches, and knit up the 10 for the finger length.
As i see it, those 2 stitches are the bridge between the back and front of glove, through the fingers. later you will pick up another 2 sts from them to start the base of the next finger beside this one. so they will be going in the crease where the fingers join at the base.

Thank you so much for your help! It seems a lot clearer to me now, I thought they were wanting me to hold those two fourchette stitches somewhere, and when I finished the first finger, to knit them. Picking up the stitches there makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks again!