Glove-Mitt pattern

I’m looking for a pattern for a glove that also has a mitten “flap” that can be pulled over the fingers - prefer an attached flap, not a button-on one - to make for my sister-in-law who goes to school in Minnesota. I keep trying to talk her into a hat (have made lots of those!) but she asked for this type of glove-mitten instead. Sigh. So now I’m doing my best to find a pattern (free, of course!) with no luck. Can you help? Thanks!!

Broad Street Mittens
Magical Mittens
Plaid Flip Top Mittens
I hope one of those is suitable. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one.

I have those Plaid ones on my to-do list. Wanna find a softer yarn then Rowan Plaid, though…

All of the patterns are great! Thanks so much. I’ll take them all to my sister-in-law next week when I visit and let her pick.