Glitterspun yarn


It’s really rough, but, then again, I hate all novelty yarns. It really wasn’t comfortable for me to knit with, and it kept sticking to my needles, and they were Addis, which are usually really slippery!

Hi… I’ve not used it but I thought this pattern useful. The first url shows different variations of the design using different yarns and the second url gives you a nice close up of the stitching used with the Glitterspun:

I’d definitely not use wooden needles and would use metal as a preference perhaps over Ivore (imitation ivory). I think the detail (2nd url) shows that a knit stitch that looks to ‘knot’ the yarn is useful in maintaining the shape of the garment. No matter what I did with this sort of yarn I’d looking to use that sort of stitching technique. I think some forms of crochet would be great and even macrame.

years ago! i made this silver capelet that my neice wore to her prom (she is now 21)

it is a bit scratchy (but softens up with washing) and it drapes beautifuly.

I made three little clutches for my mom and my 2nd gramma one year for christmas…a silver one and black one and then a red/purple one for g’ma. I thought it was find to work with, it was carried along with glitterlash. worked fine for me :shrug: