"Glittens" and Ascot

I recently made the Urban Necessity Gloves and a matching Huckleberry Ascot for a young friend who will attend Oregon State next fall. School colors are black and orange but couldn’t find black in my chosen yarn, Berocco Vintage. And really knitting all in black sounded really depressing. The gray looks great, in my opinion.
She liked the gloves and the ascot so I think they will see good use.



Let’s add a photo.

Very cute! I like how the orange contrasts with the gray! Great touch!

beautiful!!! Love how both turned out!

Very nice! Love the colors, too.

They turned out great! I like the gray and orange together :thumbsup:

Looks like a hunter’s blaze orange. Too cool.

Actually it’s not that bright, it’s a bit muted.

Very nice! Colors go well together! Especially like the “glittens”!

I love them! You did great work. My daughter just looked over my shoulder and opened her mouth… I just said “Too many projects, no time, learn to knit.”

Great work Amy! Very nice indeed! And thanks for adding the photo of the set!