Glittens - am I knitting that loose, or my hands tiny?

I have decided that I need these. It’s cold here, and I want something I can wear shoveling the walk, or walking to the park holding hot coffee!

Now, I tried casting on 44 stitches of KP WoTA on size 4…and wow, no way would that be snug on my wrist. So, I thought to myself…I have one skein each of some sock yarns, it’ll be funny w/selfstriping yarn, but why not try?? So I am ribbing the fingering weight yarn on 0s, and I’ll knit the rest w/ones (I just used ones to make my freya socks, which I finished btw! :slight_smile: ). Now, this is snug going over my hand, but hugs my wrist juuuuust right. I am a tad concerned changing like this, but when I used this same yarn, and 2s to make the HFM fingerless, they came out WAY too big for me, and the individual fingers on these look like similar stitch counts ( at tad more if I’m remembering right) so they should fit my piggies.

Brings me to the question - does this mean I am just knitting loosely, or that I have itty-bitty hands, or is it both??

edit - you can see the glittens in pics here

WOW! I have no advice for you but those are GREAT!! Thanks for posting.

Aren’t they though? :inlove:

I think I am going to continue - I did some (shaky) math, and a little swatch. It seems I knit a tad tighter with stranding, so I think I’ll go up to 1 1/2s for the mitten part (2.5mm - love the kp’s sock set!) but it looks like if I keep the stitch counts and chart as is, just with the fingering weight and smaller needles, I will make nice little glittens just for me!

Oh these are great! Thanks for posting the link. Can’t advise you on the size, but they are now in my Ravelry que!

:teehee: I was going to post thank you for adding to my ravelry queue but then I looked up the pattern and they are already queued :oo: …

Thank you for reminding me about the glittens :teehee:

Can’t wait to see picts of yours :thumbsup:

Thought I’d update here - it seems I have tiny hands :teehee:

I’ve finished the mitten portion, and it fits PERFECTLY :woot:

The charted portion of the mitten is just over 7.5 inches long, and just under 3.5 inches wide. Just in case anyone else wants to use the chart as is, but with fingering weight. I tend to knit loosely, so on dpns, I used 0s (2.00mm) for ribbing, 1 1/2s (2.50mm) for the color work and am using 1s (2.25mm) needles for the glove and fingers (well, I will as soon as I figure out how to join the newly cast on stitches with the row on the mitten, in the round :zombie: )