"GLEEEEEE" is the only descriptive word

So … I GOT A JOB AT MICHAELS. Oh yes, baby. I’m so excited.

It’s not full time, which is what I REALLY wanted so that I can get completely out of my current job, but it’s a start. Foot in the door and all that good stuff.

I’m going to be trained to do framework there.

And, oh my gods, oh my gods. deep breath and fans her face

[B]25% discount.[/B]


Congratulations! That’s a HUGE discount!!!

Congrats on your new job… and a LYS to boot! Wow that is great. I am afraid I could do some serious damage to my paycheque if someone told me I could get 25% off on yarn from where I work. Don’t spend it all at work!!! Have a great time at your new job!!!

congrats!!! try not to spend your entire first paycheck there!!

Well … my paycheque won’t be going there TOO often. Gotta get that credit card paid off first … which should hopefully be done by the first or second week of March … then we’ll see about dumping my pay into building my stash! =D