Giving your needles to non-knitters

I was knitting the Kinetic shawl (found on in my classroom, and one of my friends approaches me and says “That’s really long! Can I see?”. I hand the needles to her (I was in the middle of the row) and indicate her to be careful. Of course, she wasn’t.

My friend snatches the needles, and starts trying on the shawl, while I desperately tried to grab them back. Once I finally managed to recover my needles, I saw what I loathe the most in knitting: dropped stitches. They were about 8 stitches; most of them dropped 1-2 row/s. I glared at my friend, grabbed my crochet hook and began picking up the stitches.

Don’t you just hate when someone does this to your knitting?

I would probably reply with “as soon as I’m finished… unless you feel like fixing the mistakes…” … then again I’m not afraid to kick a friend in the butt ;o)


My boyfriend absolutely looooves to pick up my knitting and move it to a table, the bed,within reach of my cat and other irritating places. I’ve had to reinsert so many needles and hooks and have had to redo so many rows.

I have never had anyone try to touch my wip…what an odd thing to do. They would only do it once…


no one in my house touches my knitting… EVER. they all know it means DEATH.

While my dh is a non-knitter, he is at least appreciative of the time it takes me to make items.

I DID end up moving a friend’s crocheting once… couple of weeks ago actually, her kids knocked it out of her rocking chair and kicked it on the floor, then acted like it was no big deal when they knocked the hook out and tried to grab the working end of her yarn (they’re little bullies… my kids don’t like to play with them yet my kids are 3 times their size and at least twice their age)… I ended up fixing the stitch they had 1/2 undone (double crochet granny square blanket for project linus) and then used 2 of my point protectors (the ones that look like socks) and stuck them on the ends of her hook so her kids couldn’t do it again.

My sister had a friend over and the friend saw a “loose” end of yarn sticking out of her WIP crochet. She pulled and pulled until she figured out what she was doing.

my hubby has seen me drop my own stitches enough times to know not to even bother me while I am knitting…including counting or other various tasks. Cuddling up at the TV is safe…smiles

I would forgive him for it though…mainly case he automatically starts untangling yarn barf for me. In fact…he actually feeds the yarn out of the middle of the ball for me if we are cuddled up and I am knitting…I have him well trained!

Oh, wow! I can’t believe anyone would be so insensitive and careless. Okay, yes, I can!

Just call it a learning experience, I guess. Next time someone wants to see, you hold firmly to your needles and hold it up for them to see.

My DH did it once. He didn’t realize how much more difficult it is to fix dropped stitches than it is to fix crocheted stitches. I had just started knitting a sweater (my first), and put it down to go and check on our baby daughter. When I came back, he’d moved it, and about 1/2 of the stitches were off of the needle.

Of course, I was just a lil’ bit upset (livid!!!), and told him so in so many words. He retaliated by bending the empty needle in half. Once we both calmed down, I tearfully explained to him that I’d been practicing for a month, and then had worked on it for a month.

The very next day, he came home with a new set of needles (the correct size and everything!) and an apology for me. He’s never touched my knitting again, or my crocheting either for that matter.


:roflhard: I know…it’s funny now, but at the time, I was furious!!

So…I taught my boyfriend how to knit.We made a deal.He always loooves when I play this mmorpg with him(World of Warcraft) because everyone else he plays with kind of sucks.So I help him level; it’s easier with a second person.In exchange for all my game play, I’ve demanded he learn to knit.To his surprise, he actually really likes it.

After having him hysterically run up to me panicking over a dropped stitch or stitch that has come off the needle, I think it’s pretty safe to say he won’t be moving my knitting so carelessly again XD It’s only his second day knitting and he’s already doing better than the friend who taught ME to knit. I think after his first project(Waffle Stitch Fingerless Gloves) he will be ready to cable and knit in the round.I’m so excited that he’s learning almost as fast as I did.Its really cute watching him try to be careful cause he has such giant hands, lol.

i have two toddlers so if my knitting is in my hands you will hear constant “dont even THINK about it” and if im not knitting, everything is up on a shelf somewhere… you look around the living room and there are yarn strands hanging from everywhere… haha

Iv been asked before but I just ask them to hold on, finish my row, then push the stitches far from the needle point. I knit at work alot and learned a few tricks :slight_smile:

no one has ever asked me but i usually only knit at home

I’m afraid I would have had to have used the “Needles of Death” on her…