Give me the lowdown on

I see alot of you are members. I have also put myself on the waiting list for an invitation. Can you all tell me what you like about the site? :sun:

I’ve been using Ravelry since September and I really enjoy it. I use it primarily to connect with other knitters, browse patterns and yarns, that sort of thing. I hope to get some time to upload my stash pics and FO’s/UFO’s/WIPs soon, but I’ve been insane lately… :slight_smile:

It’s a neat place - you can syndicate your blog, link blog posts to relevant projects, compare your projects to those of others, browse yarns and see what others are doing with those (or similar) yarns, see all projects by a certain designer… There are a ton of things. There are also really active forums over there on any number of topics (seriously - there’s a group for EVERYTHING…).

My absolute favorite thing about Ravelry is the ability to look up patterns and see how others are interpreting them. You can see what yarns are being used for that pattern, how something will look in a particular color, read comments about the patterns and then decide whether or not to start one for yourself.

You can look up a yarn and find out what kind of patterns others are using that particular yarn for – very useful for using stash yarns or deciding whether or not to make a purchase of yarn you’ve been eyeing.

It’s the most amazing resource for knitting on the internet.

The fact that there are great forums and groups available is also a plus.

And I didn’t even mention that you have the capability to catalogue your own projects and yarn stash.

It’s definitely worth joining.

I don’t use Ravelry as a board, more as a tool. It’s an organizer of all your knitting. You have a section for you stash, projects, queue, needles, books and magazines etc. Ravelry also have a large database of patterns, so almost every pattern from a book or internet is already there, with picture and all details and you just search and pick. Everything is linked. For example, i put the “Branching out scarf” on my queue. The page with the details has the link to the pattern available online. It also has a link to the Ravelry page of the suggested yarn. It’s also linked to all the “branching out scarves” everyone else are making, so you can see how it turns out in different colours and yarns. The hardest part of Ravelry is putting everything there - your stash, which has to be found and counted :teehee: especially. I was a bit sceptic about Ravelry at the start, but it does keep you focused on what you want to do and helps to keep up with all the WIP’s. You’ll have fun playing with it :thumbsup:

[B]EXACTLY! [/B]I don’t use the forums much because we’ve got KH and I find KH easier to use and more fun, but the rest is awesome!

I agree with everyone here. It is a great way to keep your projects organized. You have pics of them added, with the yarn used / how much yarn used / colour, a link to the pattern, and the needle size you used.

It’s also fun to browse others projects and get ideas. I also like how easy it is to look through the patterns. (tho I wish there was a BIT more fields to narrow it down, but it is still Beta, they could add that)

I will upload a pic to show my favourite part…

If I have a bunch of yarn just sitting in my hands I can go to the pattern search and look for something. So I have some laceweight yarn and am itching to knit something for a baby. I don’t want to pay for a pattern. So I select all the boxes that go with my search, and 2 projects that match show up. If I change my weight to worsted a different project will show up. Lower down is a rating system. You can view only five star projects, or only 1star projects.

I love this feature. You can also just punch in the yarn you have and see what other people are making with that yarn for additional ideas.

I’ve put my name on the waiting list also, and I was wondering about how long I should expect to wait. (I’m an instant-gratification kind of girl.) lol

I agree with everyone - its is fantastic for a tool - to keep your organized & I especially love the “needle” feature - lets me know which needles I have - & makes me wonder why I have 5 sets of size 6 needles. If I had this before - it wouldn’t have happened!!!

I signed up for an invite on Jan. 4th, and the number of people ahead of me has been going down pretty quickly. My last check (about 5 minutes ago because I am really antsy:mrgreen: ) said there were 861 people ahead of me. I hope that means I’ll get my invite tomorrow or the day after Crossed Fingers , because yesterday there were at least 2000 people in front of me.

Ravelry sounds pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I’ll really use it or get a lot of benefit out of it since I’m only just starting to knit and have not built up much of a stash or even any finished work to show off.

However, over the past week I have come to the conclusion that to become a serious knitter :wink: I need, in addition to a login, a) a yarn stash, b) a needle supply, c) a personal blog, d) a flickr album and e) a ravelry account. :lol:

I’m working on acquiring more yarn and needles and I have unused blog and flickr accounts, so I guess I’d better sign up for ravelry too! :thumbsup:

I finally succumbed and signed up this morning. I’m not into posting pictures (lack of camera ability) or anything, but I do like to see what patterns look like when other people make them. The orignials of lots of them don’t do anything for me sometimes. I wasn’t impressed with Danica, don’t like doing multicolors, but when I saw one on SWS I knew I could do it in a selfstriping yarn. Same thing with Lizard Ridge - making a bunch of squares and putting them together isn’t for me. But then I saw others that were made in long panels and that’s something I could manage. Though I might just make 2 panels or even one wide piece.

Awww suz, you’ll love it. There are all kinds of things on there, groups to join, forums, project galleries for your projects, faves picker, mag an book library so you can catologue all your yarn porn. Then the famous stash galleries, etc, etc, etc, I could go on n on. You can also link your blog to it if ya got one and then you can share that with whomever. Also pm’s, patternfinder, and last time I checked there were over 25000 patterns free and otherwise. Designers submit their patterns onto there. I haven’t figured out how to do that just yet…but one day…sigh!!!

There is sooo much to do and see on there, it’s kinda like Disneyland, you can’t see the whole thing and enjoy it in one day.

Found you!
You signed up on January 7, 2008
You are #82096 on the list.
2523 people are ahead of you in line.
3893 people are behind you in line.
91% of the list has been invited so far.

pretends to patiently wait

Edit: In anticipation, and because I’m OCD, I weighed and took pictures of all of my yarn so far (I bought more at Hobby Lobby today :stuck_out_tongue: ). Next is making a list of all my needles. Most of them were given to me by my Grandma.

A nonknitting friend of mine calls it “the myspace of knitting” I think that is a good description.

As of this morning, only 850 people are ahead of me in line!! :woot: This means I should get an invite soon! I’m starting to get nervous. I’m not sure that I am Ravelry worthy yet. I mean, I’m still a newbie for Pete’s sake. :notworthy:

Oh you’ll get up to speed real fast. All it takes it practice and that means… more knitting!

I’m on Ravelry too, as Labeelady (same as here). I knit but I also crochet, and there’s quite a few crocheters that have signed up there also.

True, there are groups there for just about anything. If you have some friends that are interested in a particular topic that there is no group for you can start one easily and invite them to join in. There’s already a group there for KH forum members.

The groups I’ve started there are “Knitpicks Lovers”, “Socks in the City Podcast”, “Crochet Partners”, “Louisiana Needlers”, and “SocknittersSAM”. Two of them, Crochet Partners and SocknittersSAM are extentions of Yahoogroups of the same names.

When you join Ravelry, you are automatically subscribed to the original forums, which are Patterns, Yarn, Techniques, For the Love of Ravelry, Needlework on the Net, and Remnants.

I crochet also. Labee, I joined the CLF what a kewl bunch of peeps. They are such fun an irreverant as hell. OMG luv it luv it!!!:clink:

You’ll love Ravelry… really! It’s really helpful in a lot of ways.

By the way, the pattern for Lizard Ridge already includes two versions… one is with the squares, and two is one big piece. Just knit version two. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that. I have 2 colors of SWS and I was thinking of making a panel of each. Or maybe from just one color. I’m not making it as wide as either version, but maybe a little longer so it can double as a wrap.