Girly moc a sock

Hi All

Here is the girly version of the moc a sock.
You can get the pattern at Etsy from Bekah knits:muah:

very, very cute.

Just adorable Rita. Your work is beautiful.

OMG - they are just darling! Great work, as usual.

:yay: Oh How Sweet! geart job too. :heart:

Awww they are so sweet, I wish I had a little girl I could knit those for!

:inlove: to cute!!

Rita: those are just adorable. Are they baby booties or are they little girl type socks? I would love to make some for my DGD if they are little girl sox. She is almost 4.

I’m not seeing the pattern for the Mary Jane version with the moc a sock top…only the Sweetpea one…it’s adorable, I’d love to get it.

She sells out quick , But she will put more on today or tomorrow so keep an eye out on her site.

Adorable, (I know its been taken already) is what comes to my mind! I love them!

Great job, my friend. :cheering: I’ll bet you are chuffed! (Did I use it right?)

:inlove: Those are so cute! I wish someone I knew would have a baby because I want to make them!

LOL Thanks Rosemary and yes , You are right ! I am chuffed lol:muah:

Those are so sweet! Amazing job :muah:

unbelievably cute :teehee:

Love’em! those would be perfect for my 7 month old niece~:heart:

Those are adorable!

Those are so cute. I love the toe shaping. Very, very nice!!

All the superlatives have been used, Rita. So I’ll just add that they’re so cute they make my cheeks hurt from ginning. :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: