Girl's tie-front cardigan/shrug?

I want to find a pattern to knit my six-year-old a short (just above the waist), long-sleeved cardigan/shrug that ties closed at the botton in the front. They are really popular in the stores now, and I’d like to make one myself, but I can’t find a pattern. I’ve looked through all the free-pattern sites I can find, but with no luck. Can anyone help me find a pattern, or point me in the right direction?


Maybe you could adapt the pattern on

Regards Eve

Out on the 15th September, Simply Knitting by Future Publishing (UK) will have a tie front cardigan pattern - not sure if it’s adult size.

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I had bought the previous issue and have no affiliation to this company.

Regards Eve

This one doesn’t tie in the front, but maybe you could pick up stitches and add a tie? Anyway, it’s a cute girls’ shrug!

Pattern here (.pdf)

Just got the Oct issue and further to my post of 12th Sept, this pattern does NOT appear in that issue. I have sent an email to them this morning asking why it wasn’t featured afterall and whether it will appear in a later one.

Sorry to anyone who did as I did and ordered that copy for that pattern. :frowning:

Got a reply to my email from Simply Knitting to say the pattern will appear in issue 8, the November issue out in October.

Couldn’t put in the Oct issue as they weren’t able to get the right wool or something in time for the Oct issue out in Sept.

Hope that makes sense.