Girls' Lacey Legwarmers

Every year I make my daughter a homemade Christmas gift. Usually it’s a crocheted stuffy…whatever character she’s into at the time. This year she’s very into her ballet class though so I was thinking of knitting her some pretty legwarmers. Looking for something very girly, preferably with a little bit of a lace look. Want some extra soft and pretty yarn, too. Any pattern and/or yarn suggestions?

How old is she? We need age/size info.

I’m not sure what age you’re looking for but there’s lots on patterns on Ravelry and Knitting Pattern Central.
Take a look and see it there’s anything that appeals. That’s a really nice idea for the Christmas gift!

She’s almost 8 but is on the short side

I don’t have a specific pattern in mind but my GD who is 13 likes the stirrup leg warners that go over her pointe shoes to help keep her feet warm. At 8 she won’t be on pointe but she might still like the foot part.

These are pretty.