"Girl's" Knitting Outing & Cool Compliment - U

About a year ago several of my friends asked me to teach them to knit, and we have been getting together one Saturday a month to knit. We live in Boston, and someone suggested a field trip to Webs in Northampton (www.yarn.com). So we all piled into cars this past Saturday and made our pilgrimage to the Great Knitting Mecca.

Of course we had such a blast, brunch first and then Webs. I was wearing a recently finished sweater that I made based on a pattern and yarn I had gotten there in the fall. I didn’t want to wear it because there were some mistakes (I followed the pattern. Didn’t think it was right. Ripped it out and did what I thought needed to be done, but once it was assembled, I found the pattern was probably right), but my friends insisted that I wear it.

Well, at some point a woman came up to me and said, “I just wanted to say that your sweater is enchanting.” Later I found out that she works there! That was probably the most flattering experience of my life!

I got a skein of sock yarn and am going to try the one-inside-the-other instructions posted here last week. I also got yarn for the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket from Interweave Knits sometime last year, though I didn’t get what the pattern called for and I don’t remember what I actually got.

The only downside of the whole day was that I was so overstimulated being surrounded by my friends and yarn, that I forgot to touch the Malabrigo. I’ll have to stop by my local LYS to check it out :slight_smile:

****************** UPDATE ****************

I finally took a picture. It has been worn several times and needs to be washed but here it is…

Wow, bip! That sounds like such a fun weekend…and getting a compliment on your sweater? You must be on cloud 9–congrats! :cheering:

That sounds like lots of fun! Congradulations! :cheering:

What a great day for you–a fun outing with other knitters (people that “get” the whole knitting thing!) and getting a compliment on something you made!!! That’s great!!!

I was in the yarn isle at Hobby Lobby one day, wearing a hat I knitted and a full-length knitted sweater that I had bought, and a lady stopped me and asked me if I made my “beautiful sweater”. I told her no way, that I was too chicken to knit a fitted garment :teehee: , but that I did knit my hat. She said, “Oh, I would’ve never guessed you made that hat…it looks so hard!” I was laughing because in my opinion, that sweater would’ve been a billion times harder for me to do than my hat! :rofl:

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Can someone post the link to the thread that had the instructions for knitting one sock inside of another? This has peaked my curiosity.


It’s an article on Knitty, I guess from the winter issue?