Girl's Clothing Sizes

Emma is my only child and I have a question about clothing sizes. She currently wears 5T, but what comes after that? Is the next size, size 6 in the little girl’s section? :?? Also, how do shoe sizes work?

After 5T is 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14. At size 12-14 some girls transition to Jr sizes depending on their build.

Shoes are sized 1-13 for little kids. After 13 it starts over at size 1 and eventually they get up to adult sized feet!

Thank you! And they say women’s clothing sizes are confusing! :oo:

6X is the size for girls who haven’t outgrown the babyfat stage, with a little more room in the hip/rear end. So that size is between 6 and 7.

If you go to the Lands’ End website, you can print out a shoe sizer. They also have lots of plus and slim sizes.

My Emma, who is 7, needs a 6 waist and a 7 length, so clothes shopping is pretty frustrating. We try lots of stuff on.:doh: It would help if she would agree to wear overalls because then we wouldn’t have to fit the waist, but she refuses.:pout:

I like Zappos for shoe purchases because they have free shipping AND free returns.:thumbsup: