Girl colours

Never had daughters or grandaughters, so first dog was a girl! Wanting girl colours. Bright enough? LOL!
The fuscia doesn’t show as bright in the pix. Adding white to calm down the bright pretty colours.
Making the helix hat from this link ., are the colours

Girl colors! lol All I’ve had is girls, girl children and pets! Lots of pink/fuchsia here! Hat looks pretty! I like traditionally girl colors as well. BTW… reds/pinks are hard to photograph. Daylight helps, but I know that’s not always available.

Going to be a great looking hat! I love those colors but never got to use them for boys.

Thanks Jan! Yes with two boys, men now, and one darling grandchild who is a boy, craving pretty colours.
When the hat is done I will take a pix in the daylight.

I just couldn’t resist the yarn when I saw the bright colours. Quite a few girlie hats onmthe horizon. :slight_smile:

That is a pretty hat. The colors are pretty. Red is also a good girl color.