Girl and doll capelet set

OK- we all agree I am obsessed with the Anthropologie-inspired capelet. I am totally obsessed and I will TRY to stop talking about it after this. OK, maybe not.

Here are two capelets- one for my daughter (4 1/2) and one for her 18" American Girl Doll.

I adjusted the pattern from Craftster to my own ends for the girls. I used Plymouth Encore yarn and size 10 circs for my daughters. I used the leftover yarn and size 6’s for the doll, plus some extra purple acrylic yarn for the ribbing on the doll’s.

I’ll post my modified doll pattern to the pattern forum after I proof it.

This is so much fun!

AWW!!! Please share the doll pattern! I’ve been looking for a cute little mini sweater pattern for my dolls!

She looks like she loves it! too cute!

Too cute!

And the obsession is certainly allowed! I’m obsessed with socks, so I understand!

Great job on these projects!

thank you- pattern now on pattern board here. I think I remembered everything…

the Capelets are beautiful… your daughter looks like she looooves :heart: it :smiley:

Where is the anthropolgie pattern BTW?? I know they raved about it all last summer but I don’t know where the pattern is??

I thiink it woud look just lovely over a summer dress~!! :happydance: :happydance:

Looks Great! I really like that blue color!

aineepooh1- here’s where it all began for me… the pages in the beginning either have the pattern or the link for hte pattern, and all the pages the follow in the thread have the wonderful results.

HOWEVER: at this moment (Sat pm) it appears Craftster is down.
I had downloaded a pdf from Geocities under Julsey723, but linking to it totally freaked out my browser. I’m sure you can find it…