Gir Knitting pattern

i was gonna knit my friend this cool robot from invader zim so i went out and bought the yarn, and i came back to get the pattern and it’s gone! it was on this page
does anyone know if the patterns anywhere else
the robot looks like this

I looked up Invader Gir and found this. I think it’s the same though because the original picture on Rav looked the same. No pictures here, but there are instructions. Copy them before they disappear.
Another one of the same through the Wayback Machine.

Sadly, most of the GIR patterns I can find are pretty darn ugly. If you’re able to crochet, there are patterns for GIR as robot and in Dog Suit as well as a generic SIR here:

There are a couple projects on ravelry, but they all seem to be from the same pattern as was already posted. Good luck!