Giotto Drop Stitch Shawl

I hope someone on here can help me…I’m knitting the Giotto drop stitch shawl…here’s the pattern,
Right side. Knit f&b, k to 1 stitch before marker, kf&b, slip
marker, kf&b, k to last stitch, kf&b ( 4 stitches increased)
Row Two. Wrong side Knit

Stitch pattern B is
Row one, right side. K1 yo twice, k1 rep across row, to last stitch,
knit 1
Row two, wrong side. K1, k into first yo, dropping second yo off the needle
(without knitting it) Repeat across row to last stitch, knit 1

Pattern. Cast on 5 stitches.
Row 1. Knit 2, pm, k1, pm, k2
Row 2 knit
Row 3 K f&b, slip marked, k1, slip marker, kf&b (9 stitches)
Row 4 Knit
Beg pattern
Row 1. Work row 1 of pattern stitch A as given
Row 2 Knit
Repeat these 2 rows, 8 more times
** Next two rows. Row 1 and 2 of Pattern B
Right side New row. Work row 1 of Pattern stitch A
Next row, knit
Repeat these last 2 rows, 5 more times. **
Rep from ** 9 more times"
Bind of all stitches loosely

[B]My question is, can this be knit on straight needles? I
don’t use circulars and I’d dearly love to knit this shawl…

[/B]If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated…

Thank you…:aww:

The only reason it’s knit on circulars is because of the number of stitches. It’s knit back and forth, but depending on the size you end up with, it may not fit on regular straights, so it’s knit back and forth on a circular needle.