Ginger confusion

Ok Im doing Ginger by Kim Hargreavesand I have a question…or two.

Here is the portion of the pattern i am having a problem with…the questions are in red.

Divide for neck
Next row (RS): K28 (30: 32: 34: 36), K2tog tbl, K1, pick up loop lying between
needles and place loop on right needle (note: this loop does NOT count as a st), sl
next st knitwise and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder.
31 (33: 35: 37: [B]39[/B]) sts.
Work each side of neck separately.
Next row: P tog first st and the loop, P to end.
These 2 rows set decreases and slip st edging along neck edge.
Keeping sts correct as set, cont as folls:
[B]Dec 1 st at neck edge of next and foll 4 alt rows and at same time inc 1 st at beg of next row.[/B][COLOR=“Red”]how am i supposed to decrease and increase and wind up with 35 stitches from the begining 39? and the [I]beg of next row [/I]would be at the neck edge. and after looking further in the pattern, i see the increase should be at the arm side, so im chalking that up to be, im either reading it wrong or its a typo. [/COLOR]
27 (29: 31: 33: 35) sts.
Work 1 row, ending with a WS row.

maybe there is some errata for this pattern … ?? Doesn’t sound right to me either.

after looking for errata on this pattern, which i got off the internet in a pdf file and if there was errata on this pattern, wouldn’t they correct it and replace the file? I couldnt find any referance to this pattern at all on her website or Rowans.

Whilst looking for other knitters who have knitted this I found they didnt have problems, or didnt speak of them. I also found, this publisher does not do any test knitting(:!!!: knitting books cost SO much money you would think they would at least make sure there was no errors in the patterns :!!!:thats a WHOLE nother subject:!!!:slight_smile: . SO…is it me? or is it the pattern? I don’t know. Im wondering if i should just forget the increase stitch and get on with the rest of it?:knitting:

I’ve been puzzling over it, and can’t seem to figure it out either. Try emailing Rowan and see if they can explain it better. Dropping the increase will get you the proper number of stitches, it looks like.

Good Luck,