I live in rural South Africa so don’t have access to knitting patterns. I have downloaded a pattern from the internet but I’m having difficulty in understanding what the instructions mean as it doesn’t name the stitch. 1st row - K1 row below, K1 - which I did. But row 2 says: K1, K tog next stitch and loose strand across this stitch. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

Welcome to KH!
When you knit into the stitch below, the current stitch on the left hand needle will drop down to the level of the stitch below and be somewhat loose. That loose stitch or strand is the one the pattern wants you to knit together with the stitch on the needle on row 2.
I tried this and to me the loose stitch is more like a 2nd collar around the knit stitch but it seemed to work. I’m curious about what it’s supposed to look like as a pattern stitch. Can you copy and paste a link to the pattern or give us a pattern name please?

Hi Salmonmac, Thanks for your prompt reply. Here is the link for the

Still having difficulty as I can’t seem to see the ‘second collar’. Am
thinking of trying the tweed stitch instead! Thanks, Gillian

That looks much better. This is the video I watched for the tweed stitch and I like it much better than what I was getting with the “collar” stitch.

This has a bit the look of brioche and seems lovely and cushy. I think you’ve solved the problem by working around it very nicely.
I worked some stockinette and then a couple of repeats of the 2 rows you quoted:

Thanks so much! Definitely seems easier. Appreciate your help. Gillian