visiting relatives…so I’ve been busy with gifts! when I come back, next adventure: men ties and a baby tuxedo suit

all beautiful!!! :cheering:

Beautiful work!

Lovely work!! :heart:

You’ve been busy!! Everything looks great :cheering:

Wow, you sure do spoil your relatives! Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if you got invited to visit more often! :wink: Great job on everything!

So pretty! I love that blue!

WOW you have been busy! They all look great!

thanks guys! I just can’t wait to get home and start new projects!

Wow, very productive! I especially like the stitch pattern on the MIL poncho.

Mama Bear

You’ve been super busy! Everything looks beautiful! They must have been so pleased to receive such wonderful gifts!

Beautiful work and that reminds me that I need to get started working on more Christmas gifts for the relatives!