Gifts for children

Since it’s that time of year I thought I’d share some really neat coloring books I found.

Type in coloring books to get some really neat ones here. All their stuff is nice though.
Just love these coloring books… more creativity is involved. I may get a few of these.

Great resources, Jan, thanks so much. I’m always looking for new ways to help Kate learn ‘ouside the box.’ The Susan Stryker books look perfect.


Thanks for sharing! Those are very cool!

Here’s another one I thought you might like. You can get them on Amazon but some take several weeks to order.

Rosie Flo

I order some for my dd but I’m thinking of getting more to have for other gifts.


thanks for those ideas, im trying to come up for ideas for my new nephews (aged 4 and 8) the anti-colouring books in particular look good.

I really enjoyed MindWare’s site. I was able to do a search by age (for my grandchildren), and the products came up by bestsellers, award winning, etc. Excellent educational games/toys.

The kids other grandma is an educator of many years (decades), so I sent her off an email to look at the list and get her opinion.

These poor kids! They’ve got two grandmas who want to keep pounding the knowledge into them full-time. :roflhard:

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