Gifted Stash!

I got a message on my cell phone yesterday evening from my mom, wanting to know if I was home because she was in my town on her way home from my grandma’s house. She wanted to drop off the square dancing petticoats I’d asked Grandma for, plus she had some Halloween goodies for DD and yarn. yarn!?!
I called Mom back. She said she was in my driveway. I told her I was an hour away, but she could let herself in and leave the goodies.
I asked Mom if it was yarn from Bobbie, a deceased cousin of my grandma. Mom said it was yarn that Grandma had bought, but it hurts her hands to crochet anymore. Grandma said I might as well have the yarn. Thanks, Grandma! :hug:
When I got home, I found two flat plastic storage boxes and a large clear plastic bag full of yarn, plus three older pattern books. Also, Mom had given me a Boye Needlemaster set and [I]New Knits on the Block[/I] by Vickie Howell as early birthday presents. :woohoo:
I called Mom and Grandma to thank them both. Grandma said I could also have her hooks if I wanted them.
I haven’t sorted through the yarn yet, but Mom said some of it was purchased at Sears. My grandma retired from Sears in the 1980s. I also saw that some of it has Target price stickers. You can’t find yarn at either place now, so that tells you how old it is. Looks to be mostly acrylic, but that’s fine with me.
Mom said Grandma would buy it on sale. I must have inherited this from Grandma, because I can’t pass up 99 cent yarn, unless it’s just horrible.:teehee:
Anyway, just wanted to share my windfall.:woot:

WAY cool! :woohoo:

I thought so. Can I ask what goat scarves are?

attempting a photo

hey, it worked!

Wow! How awesome!!! Now i’m feeling a bit jealous LOL

a scarf with cables and goats on it… here’s the ravelry link (sorry, couldn’t find an external link for it)

Looks like a great stash! Lucky you, sorry Grandma can’t work with it anymore. But yay for you! You could always make her a nice blanket to cozy up with.

That is fantastic!!! That is like Santa coming early.

Cool. I wasn’t sure if it was a scarf knit with goat hair, or a scarf for a goat. I mean, people knit dog sweaters, so why not a goat scarf. Although, they might eat it.


You could have a field day with all of that yarn! Try things that you want to try, but don’t want to spend money on the yarn. Make a sampler blanket or scarf. The possibilities are endless!!! (Caution, now that it’s known that you take in “stray yarn”, you may start getting more bundles. I know of this first hand.:teehee: )

Have fun with it!