"Gifted" mitten help please!

I am having fun creating these mittens: http://www.kategilbert.com/ms_gifted.html (knit flat because I am afraid of DPNS ;-)!) , but I have yet to work out the bugs. My finishing technique can use some work, and I think I may be misinterpreting how to close the top. Here is the direction for the top part of the mitten (right before you seem up the side):

P6, P2tog, slip the last st back to the left needle, turn so needles are pointing in the same direction, with RS of work facing. Work a 3 needle BO, purling all stitches.

So here is the thing: when they say with RS of work facing, do they mean the right sides should be facing each other (you are folding the mitten in half)? I have had the RS out – WS facing each other. However, when I work the 3 needle BO, I end up with a very chunky chain on the outside of my mitten. I also can’t figure out how to do the 3 needle BO purling – it just doesn’t make sense to me. However, this is my first 3 needle BO, so it is generally awkward.

Any advice?


When you do a three needle bind off the right sides are facing each other so the seam ends up on the inside.

:figureditout: Aha – this would be why my mittens look so “chunky!” Will it really matter, then, if I do the 3 needle BO in knit or purl, as it shouldn’t show anyway?

I’d never considered that, but I guess you’re right. Do whatever you find easier.

Thanks so much, Ingrid! Holly