Gift yarn- will it work?

I’ve been wanting to make the Roguesweater and I was gifted with lots of yarn- probably at least 3000 yards worth. :woohoo: It’s handspun by a friend of mine-- wool with a line of cotton wound around it. Do you think it would work for rogue? Just wondering… Here’s a picture:

Sure, and lucky you.

It’s absolutely worth a shot! You do the cables of the Rogue first, so you can tell right away if it’ll work well with cables.

Wow! what an amazing “stash!”

I know- I couldn’t believe it! When she said a cone of yarn, I thought maybe a couple hundred yards. I’m getting her setup with an etsy store for the rest of her yarn :slight_smile:

I think it looks like it would work really well and wow! so lucky are you to have such a nice friend!

i’ll keep y’all posted on how it works. I’m trying to finish a Foliage hat with it as a “thanks”-- tho I plan on doing more than that- it’s a start! I’ve got one more repeat of the hat then I’m going to swatch for Rogue. I’ve wanted to make this pattern since right after I learned to knit- just couldn’t find time or afford yarn… now I’ve got both :):):slight_smile:

How much does that weigh? WOW! It being wool and cotton you should be able to dye it too. I wish I had a friend that I could trade my sewing or quilting skills with for a gaint cone of natural yarn like that. Is it a worsted weight?

thats a very nice yarn (is it dyed light green or just the lighting?) i love rogue too- i plan on knitting sometime in the way off future :wink:

It’s light green :slight_smile: worsted weight (11 WPI) and between 4 and 5 lbs… just to answer all the questions. Tried swatching on 7’s- no surprise, too loose, I’m always a loose knitter. Gonna swatch on 6’s and if I must, 5’s to get gauge. I was only a little off, so I think size 6 will work. Too bad all my size 6 circs are buried in projects!!

Too bad all my size 6 circs are buried in projects!!

You can’t have too many size 6 needles, can you? Just choose a different type this time, maybe some bamboo since you’re going to be working with a cotton? I find it easier to use those on cotton and linen.

What a great gift!

Turns out that for some reason, I’m actually gonna have to go down to size 5’s with this yarn to get the right gauge. Those needles are not being used- which is good since I’m broke till payday.