Gift of Ugly Yarn

Hey everyone,
My Mom (who has horrible taste like me) bought me 4 balls of this eyelash yarn from Walmart. I assume she is hinting at possible xmas gifts for herself. I wondered if anyone had any ideas for me as to what i could use it for? I hate makeing scarfs so that idea is out. I think it was actually called "bling bling"yarn:roflhard: It’s going to be a reall B***H to work with. Let me know what you guys think!

i’d bite the bullet and knit a scarf on big needles. :wink:

it works on a bag or felted clogs!! you could carry it with the wool for a fru fra touch! :waving:

I was thinking about using like 3 balls at once and using it as the background to a hat pattern that i have. THe hat has little blocks all over a solid base. so the eyelash stuff will actually fill in the little blocks-what do you think?

If it’s going to be a gift for your mom then think first of all you need to think about what she’d like. Does she wear crazy hats? Does she wear scarves?

I’m thinking skinny scarf with large needles and a felted bag with matching furry trim.

I hate knitting with that stuff too, but what are you going to do. :teehee:

that’s the first thing that came to my mind. you could also use it as stripes with the wool within the bag. (assuming that would work. i haven’t actually felted anything myself yet.)

the first thing that came to my mind was “Is no gift at all” (i thought it was a riddle. :wink: ) :teehee:

I used that yarn in the blueish shade along with a white boucle held together for a simple scarf that looks very wintery :wink:

I took a sweater that a friend of mine loved and wanted it to be spruced up a bit. I ran a border around the sleeves, neck and button band - it looked really cute. You mat want to consider buying her a plain cardigan or pullover with a deep neckline - and adding a “fancy” border." Not a scarf - but it will be frilly!

Sounds like you have pleanty of ideas. on the free patterns of this site, there is a pattern for slipper socks that uses eylash yarn i think.

Hey, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title “Gift of Ugly Yarn” . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!! :rofl: Yep, like Brendajos, I thought it was a riddle! :aww: As far as knitting ideas, I used some that eyelash stuff and made an EXTREMELY LONG skinny scarf that looks like a boa (no, not the snake ;)) and I wear it with my scratchy wool winter coat, wrapped around my neck many, many times–makes it more comfy!

I did something similar for my mom for Christmas last year. It was my first hat, so probably a bad idea to try to change a pattern to use 2 strands, one plain white Red Heart and the eyelash together. It worked fine for the scarf but the hat I had to frog…it looked like a HUMONGOUS chef’s hat!

Finally, after frogging it 3 times, I decided to do just a band of the eyelash. It still didn’t turn out right…but remember, I’m a relative newbie, this was a BIG gamble.

I went ahead and gave it to her with the caveat that I’d remake the hat, as you can see it’s still a tad large
:flirt:…oh, I made the bunny too.

The pattern was this free beret pattern from Lion Brand, she prefers berets. All in all, she was happy, but I won’t want her to wear the hat :wink: