Gift knitting etiquette

So, I want to use up some of my stash, and a significant portion of it is recycled yarn from thrift store sweaters. It will make lovely scarves, but would you say it’s tacky to give someone a scarf made from a recycled sweater? The yarn I’m thinking of using is in great shape - a soft nylon/cotton with a metallic thread for a little sparkle - but would people consider it stingy not to buy “real” yarn for a gift?

How would anyone know unless you told them?

I think it’s a great idea to use the recycled yarn. :slight_smile:

I’d be thrilled to get a gift made with recycled yarn, and so would most of the people I know!

Why not? Hey, you paid for the sweaters to get the yarn. Seriously, as long as the yarn is in good shape I don’t think it matters where the heck it came from.

What everyone else said…

how would the recipient know unless you tell them? I’m guessing most knitted-gift recipients are non-knitters…

and as a knitter and a recycle-concious person I would LOVE getting something made from recycled yarn.

I think there are a few cultures who are superstitious about wearing used clothes, so that might be something to be mindful of. I’d definitely make my decision based on the recipient. If they are environmentally conscious, I’d say go for it. If they’re easily grossed out by the idea of say, shopping at garage sales, I probably wouldn’t.

I don’t see why not. First of all how are they to know if you don’t bring it up. It’s just yarn. :shrug:

As long as the yarn is in good nick and feels loverly… then why not??

I’ve yet to do the thrift store thing, but I’m looking forward to it :smiley: I know I can bag some great yarn that way (and I’ll know it’ll be enough to make a sweater out of… ;))

I think the handmade aspect of such a gift outweighs any concern over it being used yarn.

I would certainly love to receive a thoughtful recycled gift.


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking, but certain, shall we say, “non-craft-receptive” family members were looking at me like I grew a third nostril. (One of these family members actually told me this year, “Don’t knit me anything for Christmas. I don’t want the stuff you knit.”) Grr…she has some insecurity issues, though. Don’t ya love family sometimes?

One of these family members actually told me this year, “Don’t knit me anything for Christmas. I don’t want the stuff you knit.”

Well, knit some lovely scarves and hats, donate them to a children’s, woman’s or hospital nursery in this relative’s name. Give her a photo of the knitted items in a card stating you donated the items on her behalf.



Might do that next year… lol… :wink:

I love Compulsive’s idea, too!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Compulsive’s idea is BRILLIANT!

Next year - definately. What an excellent thought.

I like to make my own cards for people when I knit them something. I did for the foxy scarf for mum - I also include washing instructions on a spare piece of card.

I think next year for Christmas, I’ll make gifts for charity, take photos, tell them where they went and then knit the tiny sweaters / scarves / socks to go on the cards so they at least have something hand crafted to go with that great message =D

Also the recycled yarn - I make the cards from Recycled paper / card etc so I think its fine. We have a big recycle drive in the UK on the go. In the office we recycle everything, from bottles, to paper to printer cartridges to furniture etc etc.