Gift Ideas?

For all the British knitters, I have two friends, mid-20’s guy and gal who will be moving to London in September. Any good ideas for a [I]really[/I] beginner knitter? Thanks!

Are you saying THEY are knitters and you want to get a gift for them as new knitters? Or, are you, as a new knitter, wanting to make them gifts? If it’s A, all knitters need yarn and needles of various kinds. It its B, I suggest hats. They are easy, and fun to do. Don’t be intimidated by a 16" circular, it is not hard to use, then use dpns or another circular to add to the first to finish off. DPNs are not that bad, you only use two at a time. :slight_smile: Circular hats are easier in the long run. No seam. But seaming isn’t bad either. A hat was my DH’s first project.

Basic hat and scarf set.

Scarves are easy and fun… When all I knew was how to knit garter stitch, I made lots of great scarves. There are amazing yarns out there…soft, cozy, colorful. You don’t have to do elaborate stitch witchery to make great scarves. There are feminine yarns and also masculine yarns. You can also get fancy and add fringe without adding too much skill.

London’s chilly. Scarves are easy and good. They’ll go way faster than your afghan, too.

if you are knitting for them, i second the scarf idea. get good at your knit and purl stitches, then mix it up with cables. they really are super easy, and you will be so proud of your creation!

Something with the Union Jack on it? :teehee:

Since you’re a beginner, instead of doing color-work, you could probably do a dish-cloth with the union jack using knits and purls to create the pattern.

I’d say a nice scarf :slight_smile: If you’re feeling brave then maybe a hat or even some fingerless mitts.

I’d agree with the scarf, maybe a nice pair of mittens, they are back in fashion and are quite easy to make.

Or if they are going to stay in London, how about a little pouch to keep their travel cards safe when using the undergound. My hubby bought one when we last went.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.