Gift ideas for SIL with MS (in Arizona)?

I’m knitting a nice shawl for the SIL with breast cancer who lives in houston…

Unfortunately, my other SIL, who lives in Arizona, has MS.

I was wondering if anyone has gift ideas for someone with MS? I know she has a lot of trouble getting around right now, and sometimes her vision isn’t very good. But I can’t think of anything that would help her based on that.

Any ideas? Since she’s in Arizona I can’t knit the standard hat or scarf or cold weather stuff, KWIM?

Hmmmm…let me think a minute. My sister has MS also.

People with MS have a hard time with extreme heat. Maybe a kind of cover for an ice pack- the kind she could lay across her neck if she is overheated?

Some washcloths and a soap bag are always nice.

Does she use a walker? If so, a walker bag would be great.

That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Good luck!!

Ditto on the walker bag…or for wheelchair. I don’t have MS, but am disabled (lots of hip replacement, dislocations, other surgeries, yadda yadda yadda, etc :wink: ) and have used crutches off & on for over 20 years and use them all of the time when I’m out of the house now. So, a bag of some sort for carrying things would be great, speaking from experience. Also, if a person uses walker or crutches fingerless gloves are amazing to wear (I should have been wearing athletic/weight lifting gloves for many years…but they are ugly…so…I knit pretty ones :wink: )
I also think that anything that you knit from the heart is a wonderful gift even if you can’t think of something that is helpful with her disability :smiley: , although, that is a GREAT idea :thumbsup: !!!

My mom has MS but she isn’t to the point where she is in a wheelchair.

I actually like the bad idea. Maybe make a nice, colorful felted bag in some nice dark mixed with bright colors? That’d be nice.

I agree with margie. Some washcloths and a scrubbie would be nice(a scrubbie is something where you take a bar of soap, knit a rectangle to fit it, sew up the long sides, turn it inside out, put the soap in, then make a drawstring by crocheting a chain or maybe braiding three straids of yarn and weaving it about a half inch from the top… so it can be reuseable :slight_smile: )

Doesn’t Phoenix rely heavily on AC? If so, a light shrug would probably be nice to fend off those cold drafts. The sleeves would help it stay on when using a wheelchair or crutches, etc, and would still be easy to take off if you get too warm.