Gift ideas for my mom in Florida

My mom’s birthday is in February. I’d like to make her something nice. :slight_smile: I’m giving her a knitted bookmark (among other things) for Christmas…

But what to do for her birthday? :?? She lives in Florida (plus she is warm blooded) so the normal stuff like scarves and such are out.

I thought my fellow knitters might have an idea or two! :cheering:

Would clogs be too warm? (and how hard are those darn thing for a beginner like myself)

What about a little ponchette in a ribbon yarn? She could wear it for evening, over a tank top and look fabulous and yet not too hot!

how about a purse??

I’m sure clogs would be okay at least in the cooler months. I live in southern California and my feet still get cold on our hard floors in the winter.

I was also going to suggest a purse. Who can’t use another cute purse!? :roflhard:

I think a purse is an excellent idea, as well. I made my sister a very pretty narrow drop st. scarf using a ladder ribbon and she wears it all seasons & we are in coastal Ga, this may be a good idea, as well :wink: And everyone loves SOCKS :wink:

How about some nice dishcloths or washcloths to match her kitchen or bathroom?

You could make a back scrubber and soap bag like this. It’s from Fiber Trends.

Oh…I like that aLOT!!

so do I…

another project to add to the list.

Great gift ideas, thanks!!!

Ingrid, I went to the FT web site to see if there was more info on that pattern, that is gorgeous! They also have some more complex lace wash cloths and soap holders that are truly beautiful… I wish I could tell for sure how hard they would be. I’d love to make something that is a keepsake, but not if I give her the gift in July and her birthday’s in February, KWIM? LOL.

A purse is a great idea too, and I’ve been wanting to learn to knit in the round…

I will have to think on this for a while! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions!

I have nieces in FL, and I am knitting the three of them tank tops…

What part of Florida does she live? I’m in NW Florida and it still gets cold many days here. If you take the top half of Florida (draw a line across Florida starting with the panhandle and going east towards Jacksonville) this area still gets cold winters. No snow (haven’t seen any in 12 years!) but we have many days each year well into the 30’s for highs (usually January or February).

Oh and shrugs are very popular down here. So many places keep their a/c’s on high all the time and you walk into some place and almost freeze so shrugs are great for throwing on bare arms when you are in those frigid places.

Great tip about the shrug - I was just thinking that myself, because I too am agonizing over what to make for Mom in FL (not for Xmas, birthday in March). They (mom, dad, sis and her family) are all in SW Florida, between Sarasota and Fort Myers. Stays pretty warm down there, although they’ve been complaining that it’s been in the forties at night lately. :rollseyes: :roflhard: