Gift Idea for Knitting Group?

Hi everyone,

I’ve sort of been “adopted” by a knitting group in Paris this spring. I joined the group to have a nice local hobby, and I found sincerely kind and extremely welcoming folks!.. not to mention talented, oh my goodness. The things i’ve seen them knit!

I’m leaving in a month to go back to the states, and after all of the kindness they’ve shown a mediocre knitter with sometimes hesitant French like me, I want to do something special for them before I leave. I was thinking I’d just bake something, but does anyone else have a good idea for what a super appropriate thank you gesture would be? I know it would be ideal and thematic for me to knit everyone a little something, but as I said… mediocre knitter! one month to departure! :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening and any potential advice you might care to give! :slight_smile:

how about a little gift that is special to your home state? is there something that you can think of that would be quick, easy, and fairly inexpensive to have shipped?

How about baking something like you were going to, and along with that knit whatever squares you have time for to donate to Warming Grace, The Preemie Project , LucyBug knit-along , or to a charity of your choice.

Then you can include a note with the baked goods letting the group know that the skills they helped you gain will keep on giving.

I don’t know how many people are in the group, but if not that many you might even get a square per person made!

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Perhaps you may find something here:

Hope this helps.

I am sure any gesture you make would be appreciated.

You know…no one ever has enough yarn! :slight_smile:

I received a pin similar to this from my best friend, and I love it! It prompts admiration whenever I wear it!

After I saw that our Kemp had posted I thought about her beautiful stitch markers.

Stitch markers would be a great idea :slight_smile: Do you think you could make them yourself?