Gift for Wife?

Hello All!

I want to buy my wife nice, new knitting needles for her birthday. Preferably, a set covering a wide range of sizes.

I realize that needles may be specific to each person’s preferences, but my wife needs new needles and absolutely refuses to purchase new ones for herself. If she does, she buys fairly cheap ones that will end up breaking or splintering or yarn gets caught or <insert any number of complaints>.

A gift card (so she can buy her own) would work, but I just can’t stand buying a gift card for my wife. I know she’d like and appreciate a new set.

She mainly knits doll clothes, dog sweaters, hats/beanies, socks, sweaters, etc. I’ve poked her a bit for preferences, and I know she likes shorter needles (10 inches or smaller). I’m not sure if she has a preference for wood or steel. She has mostly wood (bamboo?), but I’m not sure if that’s because they’re cheaper? (Are they?)

I’ve looked into personalized ones (Signature Needle Arts), but they are too expensive not to get her input on beforehand (plus, she’d probably bonk me on the head if I bought those). I’ve seen several brands (Knit Picks, ChiaoGoo, Hiya Hiya), and I’m quite lost.

For price, I’d like to stay under $100, but I’d be willing to go higher for nice ones.

Any suggestions for a husband? Is this a terrible idea?

How sweet of you. You have a very fortunate wife.

My needles are Knitter’s Pride Nova needles and Knit Picks Option Sunstrucks. I have two interchangeable sets. Do you have any clue whether she would like circular knitting needles? They can be used for knitting flat (back and forth in rows) or in the round (hats and things) and they give the greatest variety for the money. The cables can be used with any of the different sized tips, the Knitter’s Pride and Options sets use the same cable connections so they are interchangeable between those brands. Other brands of the same needles are available also but what they are I’m not sure. You see, once I got my wood and nickel plate sets all I needed to add were skinny circulars for socks because the ones I have don’t make interchangeables that small. If you click on the SHOP button at the top of the page you can see the sets available here including a sampler set with different materials to try. HTH

I have Knitters Pride Dreamz and like them a lot. I also like the Nova.

I love the Knit Picks Interchangeables.

Thanks for the replies! Really appreciate it!

Do you recommend a specific type of material (wood vs metal) or is this more preference of the individual knitter?

The material the needles are made from is really a matter of personal preference. My first choice is generally the nickel plates. For some projects because of the type of yarn I prefer my wood needles. The sampler sets are a great idea because they include real usable needles and cable and give a chance to try the different types. As she is accustomed to the wood needles you might want to go with those. If you go ahead and choose a set maybe think about including a sampler set so you can surprise her with some from a different material another time.

If you go with an interchangeable set of Knitter’s Pride or the Knit Picks Options, I will say that currently the Knitter’s Pride cables seem to be better quality IMO.

I usually prefer nickel plated as well, but it’s definitely personal preference.

I have a set of Knitpicks Options that I love, but I’ve heard that the newer versions cables are not as good (stiffer). I don’t have experience with them so I could be wrong.

I’ve been reading a lot of not so nice things about KP Options, not just the cables but the needle tips themselves are coming apart and the wood needles breaking. I think I’ll stick with Knitter’s Pride from now on. I have Knit Picks cables that the metal part for joining is loose and they snag my yarn. :sad: I may see if they will replace them or just never mind and buy new ones from WEBS.

I think that you are a lovely husband going to all this trouble to find something that will make your wife happy.

The best presents are the ones that have a lot of thought behind them.

Thanks all! Appreciate it! :happydance:

I like the idea of the sampler set.

I feel like she hasn’t used nickel plated too much. She mentioned something she liked (and also disliked?) about them (I can’t remember–something about the yarn sliding easier), but then essentially said she preferred wood. :think: I was a tad confused. I think I’m as lost as she is when I talk about my hobbies!

Anyways, that’s not good to hear about the Knit Picks coming apart and the needles/tips breaking!

I’ll look around and see what to get her.

This is so sweet

Hi all, sorry for bringing the thread back to life, but I wanted to report on the gift. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to go for a set of Addi Turbos, with an additional connector and some additional longer cords.

She loved it and has been knitting essentially every day since I gave them to her in December.

Thank you for all the help! :cheering:

Thanks so much for reporting back.
What a thoughtful husband you are!

Thanks for letting us know. Often these things get dropped and we never know how it worked out. I’m so glad she loves her gift.

That’s awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

I…I think I LOVE you!

can I have you when she’s finished with you? (like that would ever happen). A man who supports his wifes knitting is some special. :slight_smile: