Gift bag

I made this gift bag for my SIL’s birthday…

This is what’s inside… Wine cozy, Chili hotpad. scissorcase,and a case for glasses…
(pics are clickable)

:smiley: She will LOVE it!!! Great job :thumbsup:

Great job! I love how the handles go through/around the purse!

WOW :shock: Lucky SIL!! The bag is cool how the handles weave through.

She’s a very lucky s-i-l!

Everything looks perfect. I love that little red purse too :thumbsup:

Very nice!

WOW! Did you make up the pattern?? It’s very unique!

Wow! Yes, very cool — where DID you get the pattern!!! I love it!!

That looks WONDERFUL!

Thank you all…
I madeup the patterns on everthing but the Chili Hotpad and the Scissorcase…
Want the bag a little bigger, but next time…
And this was my first attempt at the wine cozy…
Not tall enough…Doesn’t look to bad on this kind of bottle…Handle way to long…I added the handle onto the cozy before felting this time…

Wow! All of that is so cool :heart: :heart: :heart: I’ve never seen a wine cozy yet with a handle…what a great idea.

Where did you find the chili pattern?

Great job. I love the glasses case too. I have been thinking of sewing a dual case for my glasses and sunglasses but I may have to knit one :thinking:

Great job on everything! :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful! I wish I had a SIL who knitted, I’d show her this stuff and say “I want 'em, I want 'em, I want 'em right now!”

[size=2]I’m a little greedy sometimes[/size] :oops:

Great job!

I love the colors of the bag and the handles are way cool! You should write down the pattern, it seems a lot of people would love to make it! (Myself included…)


Those handles are the neatest! Good job!