Gibbie shawl - main part

Hi, after many fits and starts, I finally finished all the scallops of my Gibbie shawl border and now heaven forfend about to race to the centre. :XX:

Daughter has had some problems with her pregnancy and the baby is to come a little earlier than planned. :doh:

I have a little over a fortnight plus work and whatever else life throws at me for instance, a wall jumped out and hit the car last night (and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) :oops:

With the work on the circular pins, I’d kinda assumed I just worked around and around to the centre but the patterns give a pattern row for every odd row and a purl one for every even row.

Does this mean I turn the knitting around and knit the other way a bit like stocking stitch? And if so, how do I keep the thing together. I don’t see the sewing of a long seam mentioned on the pattern. :??

You were such a help with my earlier question that I throw myself at your feet and beg an audience again.


If it’s all knit in the round, and the pattern says to purl a row, then I’d imagine you would just purl the row as normal! And do the pattern stitch when it’s called for.

How do I knit it in the round? Do I knit the beginning stitch and end one together or what? :??

Sorry if this makes me sound a bit dense. I could answer all sorts of questions on crochet. But my knitting is very, very beginner.

Instead of knitting back and forth, you knit into the next stitch after the last (which would be the first) That is called joining. See all the Tabs at the top of all the pages? Try clicking on either BAsic Techniques, or Advanced Techniques, I’m sure Amy has a video on joining if it’s still confusing (I’m just not sure which tab it’s under)

From doing a little research, it looks like the Gibbie shawl is not knit in the round, but it also doesn’t have to be seamed, either.

I found this when I did a google search for ‘gibbie shawl, knitting’:

1) It’s fairly easy to get something pretty satisfactory if you proceed like Gladys Amedro in (for example) the “Gibbie Shawl” in her book “Shetland Lace” - that is, start with the edging, as before; pick up the stitches and knit inwards, as before; but don’t stop and knit a centre - just keep going until you have decreased all the stitches away.

So basically, if you just follow the directions as written, knitting back and forth, as you do the decreases it will bring the inner edges together and you’ll end up with a square.