Giant ziplock bags!

[color=blue][/color] I did it!! I organized my yarn!!!. A few hours later I looked at all my Giant Ziplock Bags, neatly arranged and had mixed emotions. They are sooo big they can hold a blanket, pillow & sheets. So… putting a dozen or so skeins doesn’t even phase them. They are strong, very thick, and have a nice built in handle. But… Now I wish they had a size just about half of that… ( no I’m not picky… I prefer selective). But… It’s organized, and put in a place my cat can’t open… {She opens drawers and doors… but, she has her good points… she is a great alarm clark, and bedtime reminder}
Now, that all the yarn is organized, I “found” yarn I had no idea I had had…Of course now I have more room for more yarn…[Waiting on the mailman again]

Just thought I would pass that bit of info along. [color=blue][/color]

:x: & :frog: Less than 1 week till afghan must be finished, and 40hours of work in there somewhere…

I love those bags… I saw them at sams yesterday and thought Hmmm these would be good for organizing yarns…
It is so interesting to me that when you organize things it’s like
Hmmmm… I never knew I had that…
the next question is : WHEN did i buy that???

:?? :?? :roflhard: :roflhard:

I don’t even try to remember when… I’ve so many deadlines to get stuff done by end of January, I don’t try to tax my brain like that…lol

I have daughter’s afghan 95% finished
Granddaughters afghan to do
Grandsons blanket to do
Grandsons hat to make to wear home after he is born
An honest to goodness shawl for daughter to wear while nursing in public, no, it isn’t going to be lace, I’m not that much of a masochist.

lol xxx , :x: , & of course :frog:

I bought some and used them for storage of blankets, pillows, etc. What we did was put the stuff in and then lay on it to squeeze out as much air as possible then zip. Almost like one of those space-bags, but cheaper and they won’t break. Keeping yarn in them is a good idea, too!

:cheering: :cheering: WTG!! Doesn’t it feel great to organize your yarn?!

my mom and i organized some of our stash yesterday

i swear, i don’t remember buying half that stuff

but was pleasantly surprised to see some yarn i had forgotten about, namely some silk garden and kureyon

Here’s a funny tale, since my surgery on friday my hubby’s been pulling double duty and this afternoon he was cleaning up the living room and saw my little corner of the living room with my small pile of yarn, books, needles, etc… and I was like see, if you would just let me get my Hope Chest then I could hide all of this stuff and it wouldn’t drive you so crazy.

At least if was remotely organized, right? :teehee:

I don’t think it penetrated his brain deep enough to make much of an impact. Oh well. Must. Keep. Trying.


Feels great to get that done!

Mama Bear

Organized yarn is great isn’t it? I so love this site. Now I know I’m not the only, “when did I buy that?” person.

:cheering: its always nice to be organized

I had wondered about these if they could help me organize my stash cause I could see the yarn and not have to dig through tubs… one day I’ll get mine organized :teehee:

Um, no pictures? I need graphic motivation…

lol you are not but my question is usually “when did i buy this CWAP!?”

the answer is usually when i first started knitting and didn’t know any better! :roll:

cool! congrats on organization!

Every time I see a commercial for those new ziplock bags I keep thinking I should check them out for yarn. Glad to hear they work well. :happydance:

I was also wondering about those Space bags. I am assuming from a post above that those don’t work so well? Let me know your thougths on those…

I never wanted to buy space bags because my Mom & I have always packed stuff (well, blankets, linens, etc.) in a hefty bag and then used the vaccuum to compress. That works well for general storage and it’s cheap. I don’t trust that method for shipping/packing though 'cuz if anything ruptures that bag - BOOM as it resizes.

I might be crazy BUT…

What about The Boxes Wine comes in
it already has Cardboard dividers to “protect” the glass
about the right size for the cheep kinds of Yarns, or unrolled Skeins
I do that for the cheeper acrylics I use for the 8’ scarfs i make
I can just keep the box next to my Bed or chair
and as I get the rows done, I just go to the next pocket with its next color
I can also see when the color is running out
it kinda deflates on itslef