Giant Moving Sale


HMmmm $sale~!!

thanks for spreading the word… and she is such a sweet :heart: for helping her family and her mama


YAY~ a $$$$$$$$ale~!

Just did some major damage to my credit card with a big
purchase of Nashua Equinox Stripe at 40 off. Color 9583 caught
my fancy with all of its colorations. I also got a thin ribbon yarn
from Lane Borghesi called Capri at 4.99 vs the 10.50 regular price.

They e-mailed me back that order would go out tommorrow.

are the prices on the website the sale prices? or do they take 40% off of the price shown?

What I did was click the specials which are the items that seem to be
on sale at this time. The sale items seem to be the ones marked down.
So they are already discounted.

do you know where on Long Island she’s moving her store? This is great news for me, especially because one of my favorite LYS just announced that it had been sold and is moving out of the neighborhood

keeping my fingers crossed that it’s moving near me!

I’m so sad, that is my yarn shop…not my shop, but our local shop and I LOVE Mickey, the owner, she is a doll!
Of course, Lonnie and I are going to the store in the a.m…she has a fraction of her stock online and I can’t miss that sale, we’ll be there as the doors open or shortly thereafter
! She and her husband are wonderful people! As a matter of fact, she was my test knitter when my Loopy socks were published at knitpicks … she is a dear person and will be greatly missed! LOL, she is so sweet, she loves Lonnie to death and always tells me that I have an exceptional husband because he shops for me in her shop. They are so wonderful, really…Long Island knitters are very LUCKY!

Based on what I’m reading here, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be located near me, but Long Island really is a LONG island – so does anyone know where they’ll be relocating to?

I want ot know wher eon Long Island. I live in Suffolk COunty and there are never enough yarn stores! Hope it is close to me!


oh they have the Berroco Suede down to $6! :pout: My mom would lose her mind if I had yarn sent to her and then she had to turn around and mail it to me.

If some kind soul visits the store and asks them where they’ll be relocating to on Long Island, you can let them know they’ll have customers awaiting them here!

woot! i just got my part of her inventory! :cheering: :happydance: :muah:

thud my order has been shipped! holy sweet fast shipping, batman!

Great price on Cascade 220… it was very confusing trying to find the colors on the color chart so I solved the probelm by ordering one of each color!!!

Lonnie and I were there twice yesterday…she is so sweet, I’m going to miss her so, we were both crying and hugging. I was so upset that she’s moving away that I didn’t get nearly as much yarn as I thought that I would! Anyway, I will email her to see if she has an address for her store on Long Island and let ya’ll know what she says.

Okay, I emailed her and she said that they don’t have an address as of yet, the realtors are looking for a spot for them and she’ll let me know when she knows and I’ll then let ya’ll know. I can’t say it enough, you Long Island knitters/crocheters/fiber people are so lucky!!

I shop there, too. I sure am going to miss Mickey and her store. Sure wish I had the money to buy it and run it myself. I’m going this weekend and hopefully she’ll have some baby yarn left. Got me a little granddaughter on the way. YEAH!!

i just enhanced my stash :thud: and its being shipped today!
now i just need to learn to knit faster!

Thanks so much for asking where they’re going…and if it’s any help in their decision, my fave LYS in Northport, Three Black Sheep, just sold its business and the new owners are moving it a few towns east, leaving a big hole in our neck of the woods (

We’d welcome someone who appears to have built up a strong knitting community in their current neighborhood with big, open arms!

My order just arrived. That was quick. Now, I’m trying to convince
DH that he needs to play a some golf in Savannah , so
I can go visit the shop before they move.

Rebecca said only a fraction of the inventory is on the website.
It could be a great stash enhancement trip.

He loves Lady & Sons- Paula Deans restaurant.