Giant clogs

Here are before and after pics of the clogs I made for my 13 yr old son’s size 12 feet. I used the men’s large pattern. They were huge! I felted them for about 45 minutes and let them dry, then decided they were still too big. So I washed them again for about 15 minutes. Now they fit well.

Cute! I had to do the same for my boys’ clogs–they were ENORMOUS!! I like the blues together. :slight_smile:

That puppy is going to be a big dog with those paws! The clogs are awesome. I bet he loves them; I know I do mine!

No kidding! He just turned 13 and is alread 5’10"! I’m growing a giant!

Very nice job even having to wash them so many times. Hope your son likes them. great color too! I have a son like that. He is 33 now, but is 6"6" and a very, very big man. From what the dr says, his new baby is going to be a whopper too. His poor mother!

I was gonna say! Those bad boys still look pretty huge felted down to fit, them’s some sasquatch feet he’s got there! :teehee:

The clogs look great, those will be some happy feet. And if he’s anything like either of my brothers they’ll be smelly too :thud: :lol:

They look GREAT!!! They look comfy & warm!! :cheering: