Giada Shawl by Plymouth Yarns chart confusion

Please help!

I just purchased a lovely pattern at the Yarn Sellar called Giada Shawl by Plymouth yarns.
The following describes my dilemma. I have only gotten to row three of the chart and it makes no sense to me. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

I am having a problem with the chart where there are Red borders shown in the middle of the row, as in normal chart for a few stitches, then a set of stitches set off with a red vertical line on the right of the first stitch and a red vertical line on the left stitch. This middle of the row is followed by a few more stitches to finish the row. On the symbol explanation it says the red vertical lines mean repeat. The only way I can seem to work that row (row three if you have this pattern) so that it comes out right, according to the previous row, is to knit the first set of stitches until I get to the red line and then the last of the stitches after the second red line. All the middle stitches, between the two red lines don’t fit.

Usually the section enclosed in the red section is the part you repeat for the pattern.

You’d work the first few stitches, then work the stitches that appear between the red lines 3 times in your case, and finish with the stitches after the red line on the other edge.

When you say they don’t fit, do you not have enough stitches? How many are cast on and how many are on the chart?

Is it possible that you were supposed to work increases on the previous row?

Also, make sure that some of the blocks in the chart are not just ‘space keepers’–stitches that really don’t exist but are there to keep the chart looking even. They can be black or blank, depending on the chart.

I don’t have the pattern but someone else here may. If not, perhaps you could scan just the first few rows of the chart and post them. Yes, it’s the usual way to set off a repeat on a chart, to box it in. Work the sts before the box, repeat the boxed sts however many times needed and then work the final sts on the left to the end of row.
There are a couple of things to check. Are you counting the actual sts across the row and not just the boxes? Count the sts you should have in the previous row according to the chart, then do the same for row 3. Count the increases across the row and count the decreases across the row, noting any double or triple increases or decreases.

If you have YOs in the chart, they don’t count as a stitch until you do them, they don’t use a stitch. A box on a chart shows an [I]action[/I] not a stitch, so a dec is just one box but uses 2 sts and results in one, and a yo box does not use any, but also results in one stitch when you’re done.

Hello all you wonderful responders! I am new to this site and am not sure yet how to navigate very well. I haven’t figured out how to thank indivual responders or to respond to just one responder at a time, if that is possible.

I am fairly learned about chart reading. I do know most of what you told me but did learn how to repeat the middle sections in red from you. Thanks. What I can’t still figure out is the first few stitches, before the red enclosures, are too few to reach the previously placed markers on row one. I wish I had a scanner to show you what I mean. I find it very difficult to articulate this problem. If I work the first stitches and the last stitches (outside the red), then I come out right to the placement of the markers and am then able to work the repeats between the red. I have worked with lace charts many times and have never come across this particular “math” problem. Does this explanation help anyone to see this problem? If not, I will try to find a friend with a scanner, or just pick a different shawl pattern, although I hate to give up.

If you’re working the chart rows through a second time, you’ve probably increased the stitches on the edge. So then you’d work the beginning stitches, place a marker, work the repeat to the next marker (which you can leave or take out), then work either another repeat or the sts after the red box.

If you’re still on the first time through the chart, then perhaps you did something wrong in the set up rows before this, or are still reading the YOs as using a stitch when they don’t. Or something else…

It may be helpful if we can see the beginning rows to be more specific.

What if you ignore the markers? Do you have enough stitches to do the initial sts, some number of repeats and then the final groupof sts? Yes, I agree with Sue, it would help to see the chart.

That’s a possibility - the markers may be in the wrong place.

Yes, sometimes the markers from the earlier rows don’t work later on when the increases/decreases start.