Ggrrr.. Publishing error .... big BOO BOO

I bought the book Stylish Knits for Dogs - 36 projects to knit in a weekend by Ilene Hochberg… and the pattern on page 48, the Cable Rib Sweater is an exact duplicate of the pattern on page 52, the Center Cable Sweater. This was my first cable project and I kept wondering why I was only getting one cable when the picture shows 5 :roflhard: D’UH!!!

I wonder if I write the publishing house they would send me the cable rib pattern that is supposed to be in the book? :pray:

sigh I can’t believe I didn’t catch onto it sooner in the pattern :rollseyes:

Errors like that are maddening. Do you still have your receipt for the book or say an online order number? You may need to show that as proof of purchase but, this said, yes, you should be able to get a copy of that pattern gratis. If you don’t have a receipt etc write anyway and ask for the pattern. Terrible mistake for a publication.

Absolutely e-mail them and nicely request the pattern. They don’t seem to have errata up sadly. They should and if you don’t get it contact them again - say by phone - and repeat the request, to someone higher up if necessary.

I definitely will do that… thanks so much :slight_smile: I’m proud I got the cables done… but it honestly took me all thru the pattern to go … errg… hello? :?? hehe… I’ll know next time :wink:

corrections online here:

try using the pattern repeat for the unisex cable rib muffler. Looks like it might more closely match the dog sweater.