Getting xtra sts..?

Hey Guys!,
I started a throw, and its in the fan and feather stich pattern. I have pulled it off my needles 4x’s now because I keep getting all these “extra” stitches. Im starting to think that this might be what is supposed to happen. Heres the pattern:
I casted on 236 st
Row 1 K
Row 2 P
Row 3 K1, *(K2tog)3 times, (yo,K1)6 times, (K2tog)3 times; rep from * to last st, K1
Row 4 K
Repeat rows 1-4

Isnt this the usual Feather & Fan pattern? On Row 3 is where I pick up the extra sts and I never lose them…It doesnt say to drop the yo’s in the next row… What am I doing (if anything) wrong?

                   Thanks as usual,

Yes, that’s feather and fan. The row should start and end with the same number of stitches. There are 6 k2tog and 6 yarn overs per repeat. You don’t drop the yarn overs on the next row.
The problem might be that you don’t have the 6 k2togs that happen when you finish up one repeat and start the next repeat. The pattern will be
Row 3 K1, *K2tog, k2tog, k2tog, (yo,K1)6 times, [U]K2tog, k2tog, k2tog[/U], [U]K2tog, k2tog, k2tog /U6 times …
If you still have this on the needles, look at the stitches and name them as they should appear and see if that’s causing the problem.
It may also be that you’re not consistenly leaving out a group of 3 k2togs but randomly missing some. That’ll throw off the stitch number and give you extra sts because of the yarn overs.When you start this again, mark off the cast on sts in groups of 18 (after the k1, that is). That should help you keep to the correct repeat.

Make sure you’re moving the yarn to the back for knit stitches, too. Accidental YO’s are common.

Thank you VERY MUCH. I feel really stupid, but that is EXACTLY what I was doing wrong. Even though I wrote the pattern out, I still couldnt see what I was doing. So basically, I was K2tog 3x and then the yo K1 6x’s & going back & forth like that. How did you figure out that, thats what I was doing??? Its like I was staring the problem right in the face but yet couldnt get it! To solve it, Im going to do what you did to make me realize where I was going wrong and just write it out on a piece of paper so I can SEE exac what to do next!
Thanks again, you saved my project,

How did she figure it out? Because you aren’t the only one who has trouble. And because as knitters ourselves we know what can trip you up. :hug:

Maybe. I think you and salmonmac and others are psychic. :woohoo: You could start the Knitter’s Psychic Hotline. :teehee:

Funny how been there done that, got the bumper sticker to prove it, comes into play here. :thumbsup:


Funny, although my children thought I was psychic they soon realized it was just that I really did have eyes in the back of my head. Jewelly, I’d love to claim prescience on this but in fact GG is right. It is a case of, “been there,”