Getting to the point where I don't want to use wood r/o

or straights at all. I’m totally addicted to nickel plated circs.

I don’t even know what to do with my straights anymore!

I can’t remember the last time I used straights. I don’t even think about them as an option anymore.:shrug:

Give them to me! haha

Me, too. I have them tossed in a drawer. I did use them to teach my daughter’s boyfriend how to knit, but I never used them myself.

:teehee: And I’m so new to knitting that I’m not sure how often I’d use the circs. Most patterns I read say they’re done on straight needles. I really want the KP options but don’t know how often I’d use them. The only time I’ve needed circs was for knitting a hat and I just changed it to a flat pattern.

You can always use circs to knit straight. You just turn and start again from the other end, without joining. Just forget that the cable is there. Those of who love circs use them for straight knitting, as well as circular knitting, I’m sure.

I can’t even remember the last time I used straights, I use my circs for everything. My friend gave me the cutest scarf kit for Christmas, Szechauan Scarf in green pepper. It comes with the needles, but I know I probably won’t use them. A couple weeks ago when I was knitting at work a co-worker who’s just learning to knit said she didn’t even know that needles could come that way. :teehee:

I love my circs too! One thing I love about them is you can knit while sitting in a cozy chair with an afghan and not get the ends of your needles caught in the blanket! :teehee:

I have to admit, I do still use straights, however. I only use the shorter ones for dishcloths or maybe scarfs. I would prefer using circs, but sometimes I want to use wood and I only have one size of wooden (bamboo) circs right now! I really need those Harmonies :mrgreen:

You can use circs for everything including knitting flat. I can’t think of a time you’d need to use straights instead.

I’ve been using my circulars more often too, as straights. My needle stash contains more circulars anyways.

I adore my Options too. I hesitated for a long time before buying them because, as a previous poster said, I wasn’t sure how much I really needed them – I wasn’t confident enough to knit much more than scarves at that time. But now I use them even for knitting dish cloths! It’s nice not to worry about putting down a knitting needle and losing it.

But it’s funny that this topic should come up just now, because last night I took the big plunge and decided to try knitting Clapotis (probably the last knitter on the planet who hasn’t done one yet) and what did I cast on with but a pair of 10-inch aluminum needles! I swear it was the first time I’ve used straights in ages, but these particular ones were always my favorites. They’re Size 10 Susan Bates, and the gold finish on them is wonderful. Since I’m attempting the Clapotis in recycled sari silk, I figured these particular needles were appropriate.

Oh, and then later on, when it got a bit bigger, I switched over to my Options, of course.

I can’t stand straights anymore. If you’re making something big they get so heavy and awkward! I used to be so anti-circs but they are all i use now!

I like straights and circs, it just depends on what I’m doing :slight_smile:

HEHEHEHE:knitting: I use circs for knitting, n dpn’s fer sox, but I use straights fer scratchin that hard to reach spot on my back , or to fish something out from under the couch or to get that dang plug of dog hair out of my vacuum!!! That’s what I use straights for. They do have their uses in my house, just not for knitting. O yeah one other use I have for the skinnier ones it to hold my seams together like pinning em when I want to sew up my sweaters or other stuff.

I think I am one of the few who has a couple pairs of circs but everytime I reach for needles, I always grab my bamboo. I think if I were to invest in some, it would be Harmony needles. Some one at my knitting group had sz 0 dpn’s and I was impressed with how non-slick they were.

I feel exactly the same way. The last thing I knitted, I used metal straights instead of getting out my Options, and I hated it the entire time I knit my hat!!! All I want is my (nickel) Options!